Finally Settled

Todd Saal, Nashville, TN

June 12, 2017

Ever have so much to do and not have the time to get everything done? No it’s not a rhetorical question. It always seems that we have too much to do with not enough time to do it all. Always has, always will I guess. Yesterday marked the completion of the last of the projects that have been ongoing from our move here to Nashville. Crazy to think we’ve been here full time for a year and a half already.

So for the first time in about 30 years there are no house projects, either in the planning stages or in the works. I can say we’re finally settled in. It felt strange to sit back and enjoy a few hours the last 2 evenings attempting to do nothing. Now there’s always going to be stuff to do and maintenance to be done. It’s all part of owning a home. But all the things that we wanted to do as we moved in are finally behind us. We’re now in maintenance mode regarding our house. We’ve never been in this position before. We’ve always had some major renovation going on along with dealing with work, family and friends while trying to keep our heads on straight.

The view from my office this morning isn’t too bad

I’m writing this post this morning from by back porch getting some fresh air and having some coffee. I’m enjoying the Tennessee heat. Especially after my recent trip back to New York where it was actually chilly. I had to wear a jacket a few days. My friends up there were all complaining about where the summer was. A little different today though as I check the weather up there (yeah I still check), it’s going to be 94. Oh the memories. Until you’ve been on a subway platform during the evening rush hour in NYC on a hot humid day you haven’t tasted what irritability is LOL.

Well enough about the weather. So this post is a short one in a kind of a reboot sort of sense. I keep having these starts and stops as other priorities keep taking over. With all the other work behind me I’m completely focused on my own projects and moving these along now. In the coming weeks I’ll be writing about my onsite artwork as I get out and explore and learn more about my city that I’ve now been in for almost 2 years. A number of you have also asked about some music, so I’ll also be posting various projects and obsessions. I’ll show you my new office setup and workflows for both art and music. Most importantly is how my setup and gear aids my quest to simplify and get things done. It’s all about being able to be creative, stay there and move quickly.

Oh and for the folks that have reached out to me through IG and FB wondering if I’m back in the technology business full time, the short answer in no. I’m not out of technology altogether but its purpose will be to ultimately support my creative projects. And yes I do help out some friends from time to time but really more as a sounding board and help them brainstorm.

Enjoy your week and check back next Monday for a new post where I’ll show you my plein air setups. Till next time…


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