Materials List

Below are the supplies Todd uses during his workshops. Please feel free to bring whatever supplies you feel comfortable using but realize these supplies have become part of his overall technique. If you have any questions please contact for clarification and alternate suggestions for you particular workshop.


Only tube pigments are used. Beginners are encouraged to use less hues. A minimum of 3 primaries (Red, blue and yellow) but a warm and cool primary of each will provide you what you need to get started mixing whatever you need.

Todd uses the following pigments from Daniel Smith (DS), Winsor and Newton (WN) and Holbein (H). Hansa Yellow Medium (DS), New Gamboge (DS), Yellow Ochre (WN), Raw Umber (DS), Burnt Sienna (WN), Permanent Orange (DS), Pyrrol Scarlet (DS), Permanent Alizarin Crimson (WN), Quinacridone Violet (DS), French Ultramarine (WN), Cobalt Blue (WN), Viridian (WN), Lavender (Holbein), Lamp Black (DS). There are always a few others that come and go due experimenting


Loose ¼ sheets (11x15) or similarly sized watercolor blocks. 140lb rough or cold press. Examples: Arches, Saunders Waterford, Fabriano Artistico


Whatever you’re comfortable with but should have some larger areas for mixing


At least 3 brushes will be fine to get you started. One mop (natural hair or synthetic equivalent) and two synthetic rounds (#10, #12).
Todd uses various size mops – Escoda Aquario, Rekab Quills, daVinci Casaneo. Various size rounds (Escoda Perla and Prado, Princeton Velvet Touch, Richeson Grey Matters). A few other misc brushes are also used.


Studio – a board to tape paper too (if using loose sheets) and something to prop the board up at an angle.

Plein Air – simple lightweight tripod style easel and board to tape paper too if using loose sheets. If you don’t have one you can get by propping your board on your lap


Pencil with a soft lead, white or kneaded eraser, sketchbook for notes and quick sketches, masking tape, small water mister, water container, paper towels, hat and sunscreen for plein air workshops.

Todd Saal

Todd Saal is an American artist and musician currently residing in Nashville TN.

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